Sound on Sound 2016 Preview: The Do’s and Don’ts

13557836_290760167940194_5618505617977878544_nIt’s finally here! By this time tomorrow we here at ATH will be headingout to Sherwood Forest, swords and shields in hand, ready to fest. Ever since the lineup was announced for the inaugural Sound on Sound Festival, we have been eagerly awaiting to descend upon Austin’s newest excuse to invite a ton of great bands to our town and enjoy all that these lovely folks have put together for us. To help you out, I put together a little guide to help you fest your best. Read on for my ‘tips’ or else be labeled a KNAVE.


The. Knights. Are. Free. With. Your. SOS. Wristband. You will be the jest of the fest if you skip out on this beautiful opportunity to double your money and see a ton of great bands. Thursday night in particular there are a ton of bands playing all your favorite clubs. You’ve got Shannon and The Clams and Que Pasa over at Barracuda. Guided By Voices and Diet Cig at the Mohawk. Cursive, Creepoid and Jess Williamson at The Sidewinder. That’s just Thursday, and that’s not even all your options. Friday/Saturday/Sunday has even more showsfor you to drag your exhausted/half dead body to. Get a red bull and don’t miss the special guests! Full Late Knights info is here.


Some of Austin’s finest have early sets and Sherwood Forest is a little bit of a jaunt away from ATX, so plan accordingly. Leave ample time and make sure you’ve got your travel arrangements made. Are you taking the shuttle? Read up on what you’ll need to do for that. Driving? Check out this map just in case your phone decides to drop you off at college station (#prayers) and also these details on parking. Do you really want to be the person who rolls up four hours late into the festival because you trusted your friend who went to the Faire with her cosplaying parents back in ’98 to get you there in a timely fashion?????


Y’all– it’s a stacked bill. There are so many great names coming for us that choices must be made. On Friday are you going to see Phantogram, FIDLAR or Thee Oh Sees? What about on Saturday when you’re presented with the Wild Nothing/Bleached/American Sharks conundrum? Or Sunday when Protomartyr and Courtney Barnett are both jamming at the same time?!? Do your research or at least familiarize yourself with the festival layout map so you know the best way to getthyself from stage to stage so minimal set times are missed.

(FYI, my preliminary picks for these particular tight spots are Thee Oh Sees, Wild Nothing, and a sick Protomartyr/Courtney Barnett double stuff)


Yea, I know you’re excited and you want to show all your lame friends who decided to skip out on SOS exactly what they’re missing, but for the love of the fest and all things medieval, don’t be that guy who films all of the Descendents’ set. We’ll be there, and resident photog B. Gray will be snapping pretty shots for you to relive in the following week when you’re in your post-fest-depressive state. You’ll have more fun with your phone in your pocket. Pinky swear.


This list is ridiculous. There is no wrong way to go to Sound on Sound Festival other than not going at all. Drink lots of water. Dance Yrself Clean. Eat some tasty fest foods. Get the official SOS Fest App to help you out. Moisturize. Take this blessing from the musical gods and run with it. We’ll see you there.

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