S.O.S. Interview: Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing

Wild Nothing

Hey did you hear a festival is going on this weekend? You didn’t? What an idiot. So yeah the brand spanking new Sound on Sound Festival is going down this weekend at Sherwood Forest and we are of course here again to prepare you for the weekend. As usual, we’ve got some sweet interviews lined up with some of our favorite bands on the bill. I say we kick this thing off with one of our favorite acts all time, Wild Nothing. Jack Tatum has always made incredible music and has always been a true class act. Check out his responses to our S.O.S. questions after the jump.


ATH: What is the band working on at the moment, musical or otherwise? Are you out promoting new music, old music or just working out the kinks on new tunes?

WN: We had a record come out last February, so yeah promoting that I suppose. Playing music for people that like music.

ATH: Sound on Sound will be held out at the Renaissance Fair.

a) What’s your spirit animal?

WN: Any kind of cat will do. Not picky.

b) Black Sabbath or Iron Maiden

WN: Sabbath no question.

c) Turkey legs, yeah or neigh?

WN: Hard pass.

ATH: This is also one of the first Austin festivals not being held within minutes of downtown are you looking forward to the isolation or will you miss the buzz of the city? Planning to camp? Or just in and out?

WN: Just in and out unfortunately. I can definitely get down with a destination fest though. Love Austin but variety is the spice of life so they say.

ATH: Speaking of Austin everyone claims the music scene here is dying venues shutting down, bands struggling to pay rent, etc. What’s the scene like in your town? Are you facing similar issues or are you better off?

WN: Oh yeah? That’s a shame I haven’t heard that. I live in Los Angeles which seems like it’s doing just fine but to be totally honest I go to like 3 shows a year as it is anyway… it’s like eating at the restaurant you work at when you have a day off or something. I get stressed. Maybe it’s all my fault venues are closing.

ATH: What’s your favorite album that’s come out this year?

WN: Alex Cameron “Jumping The Shark

ATH: You get to pick your own dream festival. Who are the headliners and where does it takeplace?

WN: It takes place on my couch and Netflix is the headliner.

ATH: What was your first concert and did it shape the way your own live show comes across?

WN: My parents took me and my sister to see R.E.M. when I was really young. Don’t remember it really and I can’t say it influenced me, but it does make for a pretty hip “first concert” story at least.

ATH: In your opinion best live band you’ve seen lately? Anyone secret we should look out for?

WN: I saw Cornelius play in Los Angeles recently and it was incredible.

ATH: We’ve got the Presidential Election coming up. What’s the most important issue for you and the band? Is there a candidate that speaks to that?

WN: My biggest wish is just for the world not to implode in a giant Trump sinkhole. Not entering my 30’s under a racist police state would be nice.

ATH: Fill in the blank: Make America___________Again

WN: Make America listen to Prefab Sprout Again.

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