Day For Night Interview: Night Drive

Night DriveRegular readers know that we love the synth-pop jams from our friends at Night Drive. Day for Night will include the Austin/Houston based outfit and I figured I would do a little Q&A action to help preview the awesome festivities. Rodney and Brandon took some time to deal with the usual list of things about life, fests and jams.

Click through to read all about it including some tips for stuff to listen to and the story behind the band…


ATH: Have you been to DfN? Who are you looking most forward to seeing at the fest besides all your Houston friends?

Night Drive: We missed out on the first Day for Night, but everyone we know says it was incredible so we’re really looking forward to this one. We’re especially stoked about Liars, Blood Orange, Little Dragon and especially John Carpenter (who is a big musical influence of ours)

ATH: The new record, it has the classics I know from the years of seeing the band live, with new songs that sound like an evolution of the previous songs. Did you rerecord the hits? What do we listen for?

Night Drive: There are a few singles that never had a proper release on anything physical, and since this album will be pressed on vinyl we decided to include them so they’d have a proper home.

ATH: You have played live over the last year with and without a drummer. Whats the story? What did/do you like about the live drums?

Night Drive: We didn’t have much plans to expand beyond a 2-piece, but one day we were sent a youtube video with a guy playing drums to all our songs. He had skills and we thought, ‘This guy obviously likes our stuff, and he already has the songs memorized so we won’t need much rehearsal – let’s try him out.’ We brought him on for the next show and he sounded great, our personalities really clicked so it just seemed like the natural progression. His presence on stage is for us just as much as it is for the audience, that live percussion energy on stage is a great rush for us as well.

ATH: Confetti?

Night Drive: We were playing a show in LA and found confetti sticks discarded in the alleyway behind the venue. We decided to use them in the show – more for our own amusement really – and the audience really loved it so it kind of stuck. However, we are probably phasing that element out of our live show until someone comes up with confetti in a decent color like black or silver. If you find some let us know.

ATH: Weve read the story about how you guys met, both dating someone unknown to each other that passed in a car wreck. How did conversation turn to music?

Night Drive: We had known one another for a little while but up to that point we’d really only exchanged small talk. The situation brought us together and helped us both deal with it. We realized we had a lot in common and we both liked each others songs so at that point working on a project together just felt right.

ATH: Whats the last record you listened to that made you stop and just listen? I love the new Radio Department record.

Night Drive: Brandon: This isn’t exactly a “new” record but I’m really into Part Time – PDA right now. Oddly enough, there is a song on that album called “Night Drive”.
Rodney: The new Essaie Pas is really great. I’ve been kinda lost in that record this year.

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