New John Wesley Coleman and His Top 10 KOOP Shows

jwcAs we push forward towards 2017, we’re all thinking of highly anticipated releases. One on my personal list, and that of most in-the-know Austinites, is John Wesley Coleman‘s Microwave Dreams. As he’s written more and more, he’s elevated his sound and songwriting far above what was possibly unfairly deemed as “trashcan troubadour.” He’s the songwriter you can take to your square friends, and thrill your hip friends at the same time.
I reached out him this weekend to see if he wanted to make a fun Top 10 List for the season (of lists…and holidays). Always a fan of Austin, he tossed us a list of his favorite KOOP (91.7) Radio Shows.

Check out his list, and the brand new single below. Microwave Dreams comes out on Super Secret Records on January 27th.

1. Jamaican Gold

2. Elk Mating Ritual Show

3. Adventures In Sound

4. The Clear Spot – “gonna miss hearing Linda on the radio”

5. The Last Round Up

6. Stronger Than Dirt

7. Rock ‘n Roll Pest control

8. Soul Vaccination

9. Crate Diggers Gold

10. Le Chateau Daddy O

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