Day For Night Preview: X Versus Y

15156854_1835085233427368_2654722914580856930_oThe inevitable dilemma of the music festival, the Sophie’s Choice moments, what do you do, what do you do?

The full lineup has been out there for a hot minute, now we have the locations. You can download the festival map now. Biggest stage is Red, green a little smaller, blue goes indoors and yellow is outback, #thebackyard.


Chelsea Wolfe (Green – 4:10) Vs. Tobacco (Blue – 4:15) – Chelsea Wolfe wins for me on material. But Tobacco could be a multimedia dose of awesome. Hat on, head down, vocoder working overtime, Thomas Fec’s enigmatic stage presence is not the draw, but what will go along with that? Chelsea? I expect an overdose of fog. They are next to each other which will take the edge off my fest FOMO.

Tycho (Blue – 8:10) Vs. Daughters (Yellow – 8:20) – Look, that Daughters set could be a most nuts thing. This choice will likely depend on your intoxicant of choice.

The Run the Jewels incident – Look, RtJ is definitely a monster buzz draw at fests these days. If you are a super fan, this may end up being the smallest crowd they play in front of ever again. Why? Because they are up against Aphex Twin and John Carpenter. Yes, the movie director; he scored many of the movies he directed with synthy goodness and it is a pretty cool experience.


Blonde Redhead (Green – 6:10) Vs. Mykki Blanco (Blue – 6:00) – This is the old vs. new, indie vs. hip-hop’ish, nostalgia vs. witness scenario. There is a ton of buzz behind Mykki, rad minimalist electro beats, a back story of trans discovery. Seeing an artist grow and find themselves right in front of you is pretty cool. But “23” is an all-decade record. Deal with it.

Little Dragon (Red – 9:20) Vs. Butthole Surfers (Green – 9:40) – I’m having a great time listening to the first few from Little Dragon. Do I leave the known for the unknown? Do I leave to go see the Butthole Surfers? Can I recalibrate enough? I would have said no until a friend posted a video on bookface of the Surfers getting back up to speed, hard-edged and tight in a practice space by belting out “Who Was In My Room Last Night” and given the song’s flying intro, one would have to guess it will be the opener.

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