Have You Listened to Broadway? Indiepop Fans Should!

I’m always striving to find things that need to be unearthed, and that’s why I’m bringing you Broadway today…a Melbourne three-piece in need of your ears. But, that being said, the members of this band should be known to you pop fans…ties to the Cannanes and Slight of Build should be enough to pique your interest. I’m posting the standout tune, a settled pop tune with perfect male/female vocal interplay. There’s just that slight circular guitar ring/jangle that we all adore (or at least I do), but the song’s aren’t hurried, allowing for the melodies to wash over you. Look for the debut album from the trio now from Emotional Response.

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  • Beautiful. And, as well as the brilliant song and arrangement, I love the fuzzy felt picture. Such an under rated medium!

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