Some More Free Week Pics…

I still love Free Week. Went out and about again and saw a whole different set of random people. I learned a friend’s girlfriend’s dad goes by the name Bush Pounder. I learned a kind soul was leaving us for Puerto Rico, but would be returning for fests and touring gigs. Little known fact, flights to cities in the US from Austin are about the same as flights from Puerto Rico.

It was a whole different set of bands and a different chunk of venues. Here is the rundown: Empire to see out friends in Bali Yaaah and Hours Quiet, Barracuda for Midriff, ATH Records’ Pollen RX, Stiletto Feels, Otis The Destroyer and Flesh Lights with a quick jaunt to Swan Dive to see what Casey Beans was all about as a solo thing.

Click through for all the pics.

There was a metal lineup inside at Barracuda. The last act on the night will warrant a bit of research, Pinkish Black, stacks of synths and loops and metal sensibilities to create dark industrial. Pretty cool.

Projections covered walls at Empire, another random I noted as something I want to follow up on is Website. Glitchy noise electronic with a solid foundation, but good luck googling that band name. O_o

New stuff form Bali Yaaah had a Pre-“One I Love” REM vibe to it. That Pollen Rx record is so good. Can’t wait. Flesh Lights can’t help but deliver, always tight a f*ck and guitar solos rule.

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