Gorgeous Folk From Enderby’s Room

As of late, I’ve been feeling enraged every time I look at my phone or the internet, so I’m glad to finally share something that brings a bit of tenderness and beauty to a world of filth. Enderby’s Room are some Londoners who are making exceedingly beautiful indie folk music. Don’t believe me, hear the track below for an example. “Lakeside” is taken from the band’s upcoming spring release and has a subtle beauty that will overwhelm you. Soft guitar eases you into the expository lyrics that paint you a picture of a landscape that transports you elsewhere. The vocals are mild and tranquil–a lush wave of male/female harmonies. There’s also an excellent string accompaniment that joins in near the end of the song and makes the track really soar. Take a listen and look out for Enderby’s Room’s self titled album which is due out April 14th via Fika Recordings.

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