Show Pics: Austra@ The Mohawk (2/3)

Here comes a little bonus coverage. I was able to sneak next door to The Mohawk during the Tres Oui record release and grab shots of our friends Night Drive and the headliner Austra.

Pleasantly packed house, meaning while it was almost sold out feel, you could still get through the crowd, if necessary. Fans were there and up front early, ready to lose their minds to their favorite song. That favorite song varied. Some were in love with the recently released record, others held their excitement for the jams from the early buzziest buzzworthy material.

Click through for the pics, y’all.

I have to yet again compliment Night Drive. They took full advantage of an early crowd to win more new fans. The set was hit heavy and Rodney’s crowd dancing antics were spotlit by the Mohawk stage manager. Cool.

Austra was elegant with swells of sounds, walls that broke down and made things personal. The band would sneak out of view and sit when Mz. Stelmanis does solo songs. Pencil spots moved around the stage, patterns and shapes in the fog. Beautiful stuff…

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