ATX Weekend Show Spotlight

You know it’s that time of year, when the weather is actually pretty nice, you want to be out and about…so what better way to do it than to hit up some great shows this weekend? There’s definitely some big ones going down, so check out the spots we think will give you the most bang for your buck! You’ll find tunes and videos after the jump!

Friday, February 10th

The Coathangers, Sailor Poon, Deep Time @ Barracuda – Tickets

Mind Spiders, Dead Space, Nameless Frames, Missing Pages @ Beerland

Skin Drips, Evil Triplet (Release Show), We Are The Asteroid, Downtown Dad @ Hotel Vegas

Marmalakes, Palo Duro, Star Parks @ The Sidewinder

Saturday, February 11th

Big Bill, Lochness Mobsters, Mean Jolene, Leather Girls @ Hotel Vegas – ATH Approved!

Bloody Knives, Cortege, Grivo, Deep Cross @ Beerland

Milemarker, Big Jesus @ The Sidewinder

A Sinclair, Bantam Foxes, Magic Rockers of TX @ ABGB

Wil Cope (Release Show), Greg Mullen, Wes Coleman @ Hole in the Wall


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