Show Pics: The Ocean Party @ Cheer Up (2/28)

Our friends The Ocean Party made it to the US again to do a spell of touring. Their reason for coming to Austin was to visit sports bars, wear thongs while riding bicycles and crush some chicken-fried steak. Since that was all easily accomplished in a single 80’s montage, a show was in order. Given the affection we have for the Aussie’s, it would be natural to want to see them at a friendly venue with a friend-filled lineup. Cheer Up played host and joining the bill was Daphne, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes.

I have a great big gallery of photos to share after the break along with a few comments.

We’ve talked enough about the Salt (with reinforced pineapple shirt reserves) and the Shakes (though William has a new bass player stage left). They are beloved. Daphne is another project from Growl’s Santiago featuring friend to ATH Andrew on bass. Solid already, familiar sound, but differentiated. Everyone has new material coming soon.

The Ocean Party acts as several different bands. They straddle surf, post punk, pure 80’s Australian pop and straight up indie rock, with disparate purpose for each guitar on stage, merged by a vocal chorus or keyboard segment. The real trigger for these personality changes are that they follow the tone of which ever member of the band happens to take lead vocals or is given the spotlight. An octave lower here, a sax solo there. The talent on stage keeps the set cohesive while you get to here the differing interpretations of how to use the instruments available. To say that they impressed those on hand to see the other bands would be a bit of an understatement and tOP left with many new fans.

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