Do You Know Catalina La O? She’s on Slack Capital 2

Slack Capital 2 is a compilation of music by 27 of the greatest bands in Austin. All proceeds from the comp go to SafePlace, which provides support for victims of domestic and sexual violence. We’re unveiling one song per day until the the release party on April 14.

Song of the day: Catalina La O — “Se Nos Rompio El Amor”

And now for something completely different. Catalina La O is the new project of Khattie Q, formerly of the politi-punk band BLXPLTN. If you got to see Catalina La O at Bill Ball 2 last fall, you were treated to something completely unexpected — a bracing display of powerhouse vocals, belted out over a paired-down rock band arrangement totally designed to spotlight the emotion of the song and the singer. Like wandering into David Lynch’s night club Silencio, it was at once beguiling and captivating.

“Se Nos Rompio El Amor” is an epic ballad first made famous by Spanish singer Rocio Jurado, and the band is fully dedicated to it. After a long instrumental intro, Khattie’s first whisper draws you into the emotional turmoil of the song. Soon she and the band reach great heights, draw things back down again, then explode into a finale that will leave you spent (the title of the song means “We broke love”). A truly powerful performance by a talent we’ll be keeping an eye on for a long time. — Eric Braden

PreOrder Slack Capital 2 HERE.

Release Show on April 14th at Barracuda!

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