Four New Music Videos You Should Peep

As we’re in the thick of spring, it seems like we’re approaching peak musical release time and, I know, sometimes it can be a little difficult to keep up with everything as it’s coming at you. Today, I’ve got three music videos that came out within the past week that you should watch/listen to, if you’re trying to stay relevant. They’re all a little different in terms of genre and style, but all worthy of your time, so strap in and let’s get rolling– check them out after the jump.

First up is “Flipside” from Bleached, which will have you time traveling to the 90s with its grunge guitars and lo-fi aesthetic. The video is for another track off the Can You Deal EP, out now, alongside a sick zine. And, get this, all of the proceeds from those releases goes to Planned Parenthood. Throw your money at a worthy cause here.

Next up, we’re changing genres completely with Small Black’s rad new video for the track, “Between Leos,” which is a beautiful electro-pop song, further enhanced by the interesting concept of the video. The action in the video builds alongside the instrumentation in the song and its ending becomes a perfect climax of visual and audio, complete with a passionate punch-dance solo.

Third up, we’ve been blessed with a new video from Girpool. The video for track, “It Gets More Blue,” has hazy, old-timey vibes go well with the fuzzy indie rock. I like the romance angle here of young love/star crossed lovers. Their new album, Powerplant, will be out on May 12th via Anti-Records; preorder it here.


Lastly, it’s important to balance out your music video meal with a bit of rambunctious fun for dessert from those Twin Peaks bros. The boys don plastic animal heads as they(literally) roll through the streets in the thick of winter. While the song has a bit of a melancholy vibe to it, in true Twin Peaks form, the footage shows the band rollicking and having a blast on tour. Take a peak below.


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