Sleek Groove From Warhaus

Nathan and I were on the fence on this track from Warhaus, but the more that I listen, the more that I can’t get enough. Warhaus, if you weren’t already familiar, is the solo project ofMaarten Devoldere of Balthazarout of Brussels and if this track is any inclination of how great the rest of their tracks are, then you should probably explore their whole discography ASAP as I’m going to do. “Love’s A Stranger” is three and a half minutes of ultimate coolness. Devoldere’s vocals are confident and deep–you may imagine him donning a leather jacket and smoking as he delivers the lyrics to you. These deep set vocals are livened by some crisp female pipeswhile the instrumentation is a steady slow groove of guitar and jazzy percussion with synth motifs that will surely stay in your brain for days. Keep your ear to the ground for more from Warhaus.


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