Stream the Black Beach/Nice Guys Split 7″

It’s high time I get back on the rock n’ roll saddle, and what better way than to share this Split 7″ between Nice Guys and Black Beach. On the Nice Guys side of things, you have the band blasting out this frantic punk rock, akin to The Reatards; it’s so energetic you feel like the band’s always on the edge of losing themselves…in the best way possible. “Pissin Dirty” is my favorite of their four tracks. Flip it over and you’ve got Black Beach. They offer up slightly longer songs, with an unabashed sense of smashing through your speakers. That being said, they also have some delicate chords like those that appear in “Fever Dreamin,” going along nicely with the balance between abrasive howls. Burner Records will release the 7″ tomorrow…don’t be scared, rock n’ roll is good for ya.

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