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Florida’s UVTV just dropped Glass back in March, and they’re already up and at it again with the Brand new Go Away EP for Emotional Response. Today we’re sharing a video from the new EP, but we were fortunate to catch up with Rose for a little more info on the group. Check the interview after the jump. And pick up the new EP HERE.

Nathan: You just released Glass in March via Deranged. Were the songs for the Go Away EP left over studio sessions, or are you already moving on and looking forward to the next LP?

: We made those songs when Stew and Jen approached us about putting out another 7″ with them. We decided to make something quick and fun and out of nowhere the songs just materialized. It was a nice contrast to the LP, which is took almost two years.
Nathan: You covered “Really Stupid” on the EP. How does it feel knowing that Paul from the Primitives loves the EP, particularly your version of their track?
Rose: It’s great! They are a big deal to us for sure!

Nathan: With that in mind, there are clearly some nods to your favorites on this EP (Violent Days and Really Stupid)…what has influenced you the most as far as songwriters. Does the Florida punk aesthetic play any role in that?

Rose: When we started the band for vocals I knew one thing, that I was going to sing and have melodies, besides yelling or speaking. I knew I wanted a more feminine vocal style, it’s interesting the different ways you can dress up your voice. I loved Tracy Tracy’s vocals and melodies so I would definitely say we have made a full circle since we started until now by doing a Primitives Cover. As for Florida punkaesthetic it’s a culture that I’ve been involvedin for a while now personally, but for the band we pick and pull what works for us. That’s why we decided to cover the Screaming Sneakers, because the song “Violent days” is super relevant to today’s world and nod to our time living here.

Nathan: The band has received some great press with both Glass and this EP, so where do you go from here. Plans to tour? Record? Take a short break?

Rose:We just got a nice, new practice space to get ready to demo our new record.We already have a large portion of it already mapped out.

Nathan: Now’s your chance to plug your friends. Give us a few bands that currently inspire the group…who should we be listening to at this point?


Some bands we played with on tour or in Gainesville.
Wildhoney – Baltimore
Bad Magic – Richmond
Penetrode – Philly
Subversive Rite – NYC
BBoys – NYC
Dream Decay – Seattle
Brothers – Nashville
Algae Guck – Gainesville

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