ACL Interview: White Reaper

It’s hard to fathom really, but we are entering festival season here in Austin! As some festivals are already going down, the massive ACL Festival has week one going down in a matter of weeks. Ready or not, you know that your boys here at Austin Town Hall will make sure you are prepared with interviews, previews, guides and photos. Entering our 9th year covering the festival, we’ve got you covered. Our very first piece of coverage is in interview form from rock n roll superstars White Reaper. Check the jump for full interview, set times, and tunes.

All responses come from lead singer and guitarist Tony.

ATH: First off you guys are touring like mad men! How have the recent shows been? Good crowds? Any favorite spots so far?

Tony: The most recent shows have been great because we’ve been touring with Spoon. Boise actually turned out to be one of the most wild nights we’ve had in a long time.

ATH: In that same vein, what must you guys have on tour to survive? Clean socks….?

Tony: We travel with disinfectant wipes, you just never know when you’re gonna need something like that. As long as you don’t eat like shit you should make it ok.

ATH: And what’s currently playing in the White Reaper tour van?

Tony: Lenny Kravitz & Longmont Potion Castle

ATH: I’ve always admired you guys staying true old school and playing guitar driven rock n roll. It’s something I think is majorly lacking in the music world right now. Do you guys see yourself sticking to that formula or can we expect the White Reaper disco album next?

Tony: There’s a pretty good chance we’ll put guitars on the next record but hey- no one can truly see what the future holds. We just gotta wait and find out.

ATH: Speaking of, who else is making great rock music these days?

Tony: Spoon, of course. No Parents, Twin Peaks, Broncho, Tropical Trash, all of these people are doing great.

ATH: When you head into Austin for ACL, what are some things you look forward to doing in town? Anyone on the bill you’re excited about seeing?

Tony: We have a lot of really good friends in Austin. In fact, our new guitarist Hunter is from Austin. Its very easy for us to enjoy ourselves while we’re there. We’re gonna try and see Crystal Castles, Spoon, Gorillaz, A$AP Ferg, Angel Olsen, the Lemon Twigs, hell maybe even Jay-Z, maybe even Ice Cube!

Thanks again Tony for making some time for us!

White Reaper play weekend two only on Sunday the 15th at 5:15pm over on the BMI stage.

And here’s the bands latest video for “Judy French”.

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