ACL Interview: Deap Vally

We here at ATH are now counting down the weeks to yet another party time at Austin City Limits Festival. It’s crazy to think how long we’ve been doing this, and yet the excitement continues to remain the same each and every year. We’re doing our usual thing in lead up to the festival with interviews, previews, recommendations, and guides. Already we’ve shared an interview with White Reaper and Nicole told us about 5 things she’s most looking forward to over the weekend. Today I move us forward with a sweet interview from L.A. based rock duo Deap Vally. Hit the jump for full interview.

Band member Julie Edward’s answers can be seen in bold.

ATH: So after a successful debut in 13, you left Island Records for the release of Femejism. Why the change to Nevado?

Julie: Island wanted to approach record number two differently than we did. They wanted to do a lot of demoing and cowriting, and we really just wanted to make the record that came organically out of us. We parted ways amicably, and it was a mutual decision.

Nevado is a tiny label– the opposite experience to being on a major. You’re always talking directly to the guy in charge, and there’s a lot more opportunity to get your hands dirty on the business end and marketing strategy, etc.

ATH: And with the release of Femejism, were you pleased with the way things came out? Would you go back and change anything?

Julie: That’s a VERY loaded question. Ultimately we love the record so much. It is the record we wanted to make. Nick Zinner helped us make it deep and full of different colors and modes, and we are so proud. Life is a lesson, and we have learned much from this album cycle about what to do differently next time.

ATH: What was it like working with Nick? Must have been fun.

Julie: He is amazing. Great sense of humor, and of course, an extraordinary musician and artist. We had a great time. Only a few knock-down, drag-out fights. You can listen to our track by track making of on Spotify. Nick joined us (along with our stellar engineer Chris Kasych) to chat about the making of the record.

ATH: So as you embark on more tour dates, what must you take with you to survive on the road?

Julie: Cash. Lotion.

ATH: And what’s playing in the tour bus?

Julie: What tour bus?

Jams that can be heard in the Deap Vally minivan are Parquet Courts, Autolux, Flaming Lips, JJUUJJUU.

ATH: You create this incredible, guitar heavy, rock sound with only two members. Who are some of your favorite rock duos?

Julie: DFA 1979, White Stripes (duh), Black Keys (when they were 2)

ATH: As you come into town for ACL soon, what do you look forward to about Austin and ACL? Anyone you’re excited about on the lineup?

Julie: We LOVE Austin. Swimming in Barton Springs and eating BBQ and drinking delicious iced coffee are some of our favorite things to do in Austin. Excited to see The Black Angels, Spoon, Lemon Twigs, and Run the Jewels.

ATH: You’ve built your own festival lineup over two days of fun. What bands past or present would have to be on the bill?

Julie: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Nina Simone, Elliott Smith, Hole, Fat White Family, John Lennon, Joanna Newsom

Thanks again so much for your time Julie! Deap Vally will be playing both weekends of ACL at 12:30 on Sunday over on the American Express stage.

The band also just released their first ever acoustic EP entitled Femejism (acoustic). You can stream or download that one with a simple click here.

Here’s an old favorite of mine “Baby I call Hell”

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