Show Pics: Two Door Cinema Club @ ACL Live (9/21)

We are suckers for a good pop song, especially of the British variety. I don’t think there is a band doing better work in a live setting than Two Door Cinema Club. They have been touring pretty much non-stop for the last year hitting ACL last year early in the record release cycle, now back at the end of the finishing out the festival junket.

I figured I might as well take an opportunity to get some photos, shimmy and channel my inner tween. They brought Circa Waves along. They are from Liverpyyoool.

Click through, I kinda dig these photos. I was playing with shutter speeds in stroby lights. Plus, this is the best sounding setting possible, thanks ACL Live.

Photo pit full of friends…

Circa Waves was fine for me. Great bass-player basses. I couldn’t get engaged. Probably not their fault, but they could be lost in a see of competition.

The stage setup for Two Door was the same for ACL. Vertical video panels cut the size the of the stage and force a wedge of focus on to Alex Trimble and his new haircut. Dapper. There is a no let up from start to finish. They have a full catalog of hits and after shooting, the area on the porch was a desert. I spent a little time pulling photos to share to the phone and then joined the mania from the fringes. They are well-oiled machine at this point.

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