ACL 2017 In Pictures: Sunday – Weekend One

The Final round from the photo pit, but first a love letter…

Hopefully, you know the feeling you get when you are on a good team, when all types of different people come together and get things done. Now, my fellow Austin music photographers weren’t shooting for the same outlet. In fact, we mostly compete for your views, but the reality is that each in the group takes care of the other. Whether it is an extra water, pepto tabs, pickle run or a spare memory card, it makes festival life awesome. Truly talented and happy to have them as colleagues and, more importantly, friends. When the Sound on Sound announcement landed, we were crushed, not just for the organizers, but also to lose that chance to just be together all doing what we love.

…and bitching about something the whole way.

Today’s gallery features Deap Vally, Melat, Middle Kids, Charlotte Cardin, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Whitney, Caitlyn Smith, DRAM, First Aid Kit, Run The Jewels, Portugal. The Man and Gorillaz.

Deap Vally filled that big stage with energy. Melat got sentimentel quick. Middle Kids were chamring. Whitney pulled no punches. First Aid Kit also charmed. Run The Jewels ruled (Killer Mike liked my instgram post of them shared from the fest #blessed). The rest were drive-by shoots for me. Goosd times.

One last round, a big thank you to all the volunteers, security, C3 staff, Good Pop, Epic Meat Snacks, BMI, Topo Chico and High Brew for the survival support.

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