Show Review: Jesus and Mary Chain @Emo’s (11/7)

As previously mentioned, I’d caught the Jesus and Mary Chain a handful of times since their return a few years back, but I had yet to catch them in an intimate indoor setting, such as Emos. Some brief thoughts below.

Hats off to the Dig, who opened the evening. While their music is only vaguely similar, they served the role of opening act to a huge band perfectly. There wasn’t much banter, just playing the songs, thanking the fans and hopefully making some friends on the way out.

When Jesus and Mary Chain opened the night with “Amputations,” I remember thinking how relatively subdued the audience seemed to be. It took a few songs for the energy to hit, but when they dropped “Head On” a wave of electricity awakened those in attendance.

Considering they clearly maintain their cult status, they did a good job of balancing all the hits with some of the tracks off Damage and Joy(you can find yourself a setlist HERE if you’re interested). I left happy, and appreciative of being closer, as I felt the more pop-centric aspects of the group shined through, as opposed to the wall of sound I got when listening from a few hundred feet back at Day for Night. But then again, that’s why we love them…a perfect balance of pop and noise.

Big ups to Maggie Boyd for covering for B. Gray (he was on anniversary duty).

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