Sound On Sound: Japandroids @ Emo’s (11/11)

The other Sound on Sound makeup show we ventured out for was to catch Japandroids and Cloud Nothings at Emo’s.

We interviewed Cloud Nothings several years back during Fun Fun Fun Fest, six whole years back, and several albums ago. They were a highlight, winning best drummer award, as I recall.

I last saw Japandroids open for Iggy Pop. That was pretty nuts. They even knew they were speed-bump on the way to the spectacle.

Click through for a few thoughts and the photos.

I met Ray Ray for tacos. If you go see bands at Emo’s, you know one of the hazards will be parking. I try to get over there early and using Taco More as an excuse to be in the parking lot before doors is a damn good excuse. Pre-game with a few beers and several tacos. I recommend the Barbacoa, Bistec, Carnitas and Al Pastor and be sure to stock up on salsas and radishes. Love radishes on a Carnitas…

Cloud Nothings ruled the night for me. Bigger band, bigger sound, bigger songs. I know that Japandroids are the in-the-know choice for a two-piece rock show, but two cannot beat four. The wall of sound of Cloud Nothings’ epic sweeping jams clatters about the halls of Emo’s (even with the drape up) and holds more weight. That isn’t to say the Japandroids wasn’t good. The Canadian sweat poured. Quite a bit. And I do think I was in the vast minority. Japandroids elicited the raised beers and sing-alongs that they are known for.

Two things I would have liked to see; better lights for Cloud Nothings and a few more people in attendance. Come on, music fans, support the cause when called on…

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