Premiere Holodeck Records Comp Includes New Single Lash Tune

If you’re living outside of Austin, or maybe even inside, you might lump Holodeck Records into the electronic community, which is fair. But, this Friday the label release Holodeck Vision One, a compilation reaching across all genres. There are some big names within, but today we’re bringing you one of our personal highlights…a new tune from Single Lash. Interestingly, it’s a six minute opus where the band refuses to be defined, offering glimpses of both goth and shoegaze, but even more impressive to me is the patience and space utilized within the confines of the tune. Chords carefully ring out, echoing on top of each other and fading out as Nicolas’ deep vocals drive home the emotional appeal. Endure the first four minutes and you’ll be met with a wave of guitars crashing down upon you, and you won’t be able to pull yourself away. I’ve been lost in this song for the last 24 hours, so be careful, there’s no coming back. Look for the HV1 Compilation to drop Friday.

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