Show Pics: OMD played Emo’s (4/6)

I mentioned that OMD was playing a sold out show at Emo’s in a Have A Nice Weekend post last Friday. I stressed that of all the bands that were formative to new wave that still influences so many bands today, the only one touring right now with the same level of love for their music, past and present, is Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. They are touring in support of their recent release The Punishment of Luxury, which if you haven’t given a shot, you might want to.

In addition to their hit after hit set, OMD brought along GGOOLLDD, some fun indie pop stuff that you can dance to, with outfits and poppy fun.

Let’s get to a few random thoughts and plenty of pics.

I saw so many people that are in bands I like to go see. Ran into a ton of friends and saw that even more were there via the intarweb posts.

GGOOLLDD was a great opener. Their songs are engrossing dance hits that can catch the attention of those just waiting on the opener. I did see a few people up front that were there for GGOOLLDD, singing along to every lyric. I sincerely hope those fans stuck around after retreating from the barricade. Coming straight outta Milwaukee, there was no doubt the band was fronted by Margaret Butler and her various bedazzled, light-up capes and interactive stage antics, pogoing and cartwheeling with a little writhing around thrown in for good measure. Great start.

OMD came out to an intro track, blending into new tracks “Ghost Star”, an elegant downtempo statement, and “Isotype”, a bouncing synthy six minute jam. Lest we think they are mailing it in, midway through “Isotype”, a rather long track, the Macbook running midi’s took a nose dive right as things were escalating. Jokes made about how it was easier when they just toured with a tape recorder. Systems were rebooted and instead of skipping forward, they decided to replay the whole thing. There was pretty much no relenting from there. The hits flowed one after another, new songs peppered in as relief, but not out of place, as Andy danced beating his chest and arms, reaching out to audience members or bouncing about while playing bass. Paul played anchor for much of the set, though coming up front to deliver his vocal on “(Forever) Live and Die”. Highlights for me – “Secret”, “So In Love”, “Souvenir” <- I’ll put that song up against anything released recently by bands like Purity Ring or Cults. Set list below the photos, twenty-one songs, no compromises. They finished with their fastest song, their first song, 1979’s “Electricity”.

Their performance was authentic, no hiding in backlighting, no fans on stage to prevent sweat, no missed notes and a true love of their music and getting to share it. I know ATH is about the new discovery, but please rediscover this band. 

Ghost Star
Tesla Girls
History of Modern (Part 1)
One More Time
(Forever) Live and Die
If You Leave
Joan of Arc
(Maid of Orleans)
Of All the Things We’ve Made
What Have We Done
So in Love
The Punishment of Luxury
Sailing on the Seven Seas
Enola Gay


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