Secret Solstice 2018

Hey do you remember that time when I went all the way over to Iceland for a music festival? Yeah it was quite awhile ago so maybe you don’t keep detailed notes on my whereabouts over the last several years… Well the wife and I had so much fun 4 years ago that we’ve decided to return to Iceland and attend the Secret Solstice Festival in June. It must tell you something about how the event is run and the quality of the festival as a whole for two Texans to travel all that way again. This time we plan to do things right by flying direct out of Dallas instead of a massive layover in NYC. Oh and we’ll probably buy out the duty free store right after we land. If all this sounds interesting to you, hit the jump for links to buy tickets and some thoughts on the 2018 lineup/event.

Lineup wise the fest is again fairly DJ/Hip Hop/Producer heavy, with some huge names in the genre like Steve Aoki and A-Trak leading the way. Personally I’m excited to check out Death From Above in a new setting and discover some new Iceland bands like I did during my last experience at the festival. And of course Bonnie Tyler better play Total Eclipse or I will start a riot. For real Bonnie.

Full lineup is on that fancy poster or on the SS website.

As they tend to do, Secret Solstice have some pretty unique ticket options to choose from:

Won’t you come party with us in 24 hours of sunlight?

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