Pollen RX Are Back

Sunbelt Emptiness should be required listening for all humans, so get on that HERE. But, more importantly, Pollen Rx are back with new music! The group, as ever, remain undeniably catchy; I love how the surfy guitars work to set the scene for Maud’s vocal performance. Perhaps more important is the message the band is brandishing; the band describe this tune as their response to the ‘pervasive sexualization of women and the elevation of young women.’ It’s one of the things that make Pollen Rx so vital in our musical scene; they can deliver a hook as good as any other, but its important to note that there’s always an underlying message. Austinites will recognize this tune as a standout of the band’s recent live performances, but the rest of you should check out their tour dates as they head out in June on their way up to Chicago and back!

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