Nathan’s Obligatory Top 25 LPs…Thus Far in 2018

Everybody’s doing it! I’m a follower! Mostly I just wanted something to do while food prep is going on about the house. So, I’ve looked through this year’s LPs, determined which ones I played the most. These lists are arbitrary, so there’s no sequencing as of now…just my favorites, thus far in 2018. I’ve even included a playlist too!

Spook School – Could It Be Different

Trs Oui – Poised to Flourish

Shame – Songs of Praise

Cats of Transnistria – Opium
Pete Astor – One for the Ghost
Nihilist Cheerleader – Riot, Right?
Mint Field – Pasar De Las Luces
Say Sue Me – Where We Were Together
Ought – Room Inside the World
Rose Mercie – s/t
Sonny Smith – Rod For Your Love
En Attendant Ana – Lost and Found
Connections – Foreign Affairs
Boys – Rest In Peace
Frankie Cosmos – Vessel
Flasher – Constant Image
Sun June – Years
Nicholas Merz – The Limits of Men
Tracyanne & Danny – s/t
Dear Nora – Skulls Example
Salad Boys – This Is Glue
Red Red Eyes – Horology
Dusted – Blackout Summer
Caroline Says – No Fool Like an Old Fool
Remember Sports – Slow Buzz

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