ATX Spotlight: Ben Millburn Preps Sunglass Moustache

The best thing about Ben Millburn is that very few acts, if any, sound anything like him here in Austin; that should bode well here, and hopefully beyond city limits. It would be easy to pigeon-hole this brand new single as something akin to psychedelia, and while I see that, there’s also this jazzier funk that underlies. Wrap that up in a blanket of pop influences and you get this amalgam of sonic touchstones that takes you on a journey into the future of music. You’ll find this number on the band’s new album, Sunglass Moustache, which the band are self-releasing on September 14th. Enjoy your own spaced out musical adventure below!

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  • Love this one (and Ben Millburn). Well done, Austin Town Hall. Personally, I hear The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, and maybe even touches of some old elephant 6 moments, even hints of The B-52’s. yep, i said that.

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