Enjoying This Sun Breaks Tune

There are two great things about this Sun Breaks tune. First, it reminds me of a long-ago friend who first introduced me to John Atkins band 764-Hero around 98′; it led me down this weird path to where I am now, in a sense. Second, John’s new project, Sun Breaks, reminds me of where I dreamed pop music would go when I first heard some of the earlier Animal Collective stuff. It’s got this inherent bounce, a natural loop feeling, though its twisted tightly around a pop-centric coil. So I guess I find this tune both nostalgic and futuristic, and it’s not everyday you come across one such tune. You’ll hear this track on the album All on Camera, which is being released by Suicide Squeeze Records on October 26th. Maybe it’ll come with that Modest Mouse split 7″ that I somehow lost in my old age.

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