Gimme 5 – Lydia Luce

I’ve enjoyed my ACL and SXSW Gimme 5 playlists from artists so much that I’ve decided to start running some at random times during the year. Well not totally random, as I plan to focus on artists coming through Austin soon to help build up some hype for their show. It’s also interesting for me to find our what other musicians are listening to before, or even after their show. Kicking off my newish feature is Nashville based songwriter Lydia Luce who is stopping through town on Friday at Mohawk. Hit the jump for some words from Lydia and her 5 song playlist.

Take it away Lydia…..

S. Carey – Hideout

I recently discovered S. Carey after he released his record Hundred Acres this year. This record is stunning. Rob Moose of yMusic contributed to the beautiful string arrangements. Hideout has really lovely string parts, and its definitely one of my favorite songs on the record. I listen to this record all the time when I’m hiking. His lyrics almost always include some nature imagery, which I am always a big fan of.

The Weather Station – Came So Easy

The Weather Station is a band fronted by Tamara Lindeman. She’s put out several records, most recently one in 2017, but this song “Came So Easy” is from a record she put out in 2011 called All of It Was Mine. She is such a beautiful lyricist. She has a way of incorporating story and poetry into her songs that make them feel both conversational and beautifully poetic.

Leif Vollebekk – Tallahassee

This song was a single that Leif Vollebekk put out last year. I’ve been a big fan of him and probably discovered him in 2017. I think I was driving up to Oregon on tour heading out to take a few days off in the woods near Mt. Hood. Its so peaceful, and I always think back on those winding mountain roads when I’m listening to him. The production on this tune is super minimal and so beautiful. It’s really just him and piano and a minimal guitar part that fits the melancholy lyrics.

Madison Cunningham – Remember, Remember

Madison’s melodies are incredible. She’s such a young artist and her musical sensibilities are so profound. The string parts on this EP are really amazing and the entire band that played on the project is made up of All Star LA musicians such as Adam levy and Jay Bellerose. I’ve seen them play several times in various Jazz groups in East LA, and they are definitely well respected musicians, not just in LA, but all over. I believe Adam did some writing with Madison for one of her projects. This is definitely one of my favorite songs from this project.

Adrianne Lenker – Cradle

Adrianne Lenker has become well known for her band Big Thief. This song is from her recent solo record abysskiss. The production is mostly vocals and guitar and the song is hauntingly beautiful. She is a powerful lyricist. I love the last lines in this song – Baby you’re still too proud to come down / Baby I’m still too loud to hear, all the waves ascend and disappear. I’m a fan of all that she does. I saw her live in Nashville recently at Ascend opening up for The National and it was a beautiful and memorable show.

Lydia Luce will be opening for Matthew Perryman Jones at Mohawk on Friday with doors opening at 9pm. Tickets can be bought here for only $10. Thanks again!

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