Gimme 5 – Wild Moccasins

After the great many successes of my Gimme 5 playlist feature, I thought it was nigh time we feature a Texas based artists on this thing. Imagine my luck, Houston based band Wild Moccasins are coming through town on January 17th at Stubbs Jr. and they were feeling the idea. Zahira Gutierrez, who fronts the band, chose five songs which truly inspire her and bring her joy as she creates her own music. To see what she came up with, hit the post for words, songs, and videos.

Rosalia “PIENSO EN TU MIR – Cap3: Celos”

Rosalia has been a breath of fresh air in pop music for me since the release of her latest record, El Mal Querer. Her lyrics and visuals go so well together. “PIENSO EN TU MIR – Cap3: Celos” is currently my favorite song on the record. I love how calm the verse is, and then when the chorus hits, it feels like chaos with multiple loud voices and handclaps.

Fleetwood Mac “Only Over You”

When I heard “Only Over You” on Fleetwood Mac’s Mirage album, it quickly became one of my favorite songs ever. Christine McVie’s words and melody are perfectly intertwined with each other and she has a way of making you feel every single line. Ending the song by repeating “I’m out of my mind, and it’s only over you” kills me every time.

Robyn “Because It’s In The Music”

Nobody writes an emotionally charged dance song like Robyn. After the release of her latest record, Honey, it was all I listened to for weeks. I think we have all had moments where you hear a song that reminds you of someone you loved or shared something special with and you hope that when they hear that song, they think of you too.

Mitski “Nobody”

Mitski explains in an interview that when she was writing this song, she was sitting above her keyboard crying the word “Nobody” over and over again. There have been many songs I’ve written where I purge my words through tears, and whatever comes out, is the song. I also love the juxtaposition of the disco-ey music behind the somber lyrics.

Kate Bush “Rubberband Girl”

I listen to this song when I feel like I can’t handle anything anymore. Kate Bush is such a strong force and she makes me feel like I can get through anything while allowing myself to really feel it at the same time. The line “If I could learn to give like a rubberband, I’d be back on my feet” is truly incredible. I can feel myself being pulled like a rubberband in many directions, but then bouncing back.

Thanks again to Zahira and Wild Moccasins! I’d be remise if I didn’t share the band’s latest single “Longtime Listener” and point you to the Stubbs website for tickets to their January 17th show.

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