Julia Jacklin Feels The Pressure To Party

I may have been a little late to the Julia Jacklin party, but the video/track that first got me really hooked was “Body,” which she dropped a few months back. Now she’s got another an equally contagious single in the form of “Pressure To Party,” but this one is far more of a stomper of a hit. It’s a fairly straightforward indie pop track about post-break-up stress from the people around you, but Jacklin’s vocals really punch forward on the gas and you’re swept up in the downright power / vocals pushed to the brink. This comes through especially at the track’s end when she’s belting “I know I’ve locked myself in my room, but I’ll open up the door and try to love again soon.” It’s a fun track to ramble along with, and shows off the flip side of Jacklin from the softer “Body.” These tracks come off of Jacklin’s newly announced LP, Crushing, which is due out next month on Feb 22 via Polyvinyl. I’m stoked to see what she’s got in store for us, pre-order your copy here.


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