Show Preview & Interview: Photo-Ops with Tracyanne & Danny at 3TEN ACL Live 2/8

Friday night has some great options for you this weekend here in the ATX, and while it’s going to be a bit chilly out, I’ve got the perfect show to keep you nice and warm. Tracyanne & Danny are bringing along Photo-Ops to 3TEN ACL Live for a night of indie pop that is bound to dispel all bad vibes from the cold front. Opener Photo-Ops dropped a killer single that I shared with you last week, and has new materials in the works that are all sunshine. Tracyanne (of Camera Obscura) & Danny put out a killer record last year that checks the box of bedroom pop with stunning vocals and a little bit of bluegrass-ish swagger to it. You can buy pretty cheap tickets here, which I suggest you do, as it’s gonna be a great evening. Terry Price, the man behind Photo-Ops, obliged us to give us some brief answers to some random questions. Tunes and interview are after the jump!

ATH: Everyone loves making lists these days, so what were your top three records of 2018?

Terry: Wede Harer Guzo by Hailu Mergia, Sun On The Square by The Innocence Mission, Hundred Acres by S. Carey.

ATH: I see that you went dark for a bit between the last record and this new material– obviously it sparked some productivity, but did it drastically change your approach or the pace at which you make music?

Terry: I moved to LA in 2016 right as the last album was coming out. I was out of the habit of writing for a while. So having the new environment was very stimulating for me. And I was able to get the writing muscle flexing again. I challenged myself to try a lot of new approaches for recording and lyric writing. More space. More outward looking lyrics.

ATH: If the band was a meal, what would it be?

Terry: A bowl of reheated spaghetti that you forgot you had but then remembered.

ATH: I’ve scoured your website/bio/press releases to see if “July” belongs to something bigger, as it’s so catchy and warm. Can we expect an EP or LP from Photo-Ops sometime in 2019?

Terry: We are going to be releasing a few more singles. And hopefully a full length this year.

ATH: You’re given the chance to have a dream hang with any musician from all time, past or present. Who would you pick and what would you do?

Terry: Tom Petty


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