Bayonne Releases Drastic Measures

Last Friday, we celebrated this record with friends at Mohawk with Bayonne performing the songs live for the first time. Today, we celebrate the record’s release. Drastic Measures is an evolved sound, at times up front and varied, I especially like the clean piano start of this track and following ballad evolution interrupting by a swell of percussive synth and loops.

Since I mentioned it, how about we spend a second talking about the show and I share some photos. Just click that read more below or keep scrolling.

Mohawk’s inside room can be a challenge. It is tight, it has a high ceiling that can help a bit, but drums resonate which forces the mix levels for all other things up a bit. Percussion heavy acts, like Bayonne can be a challenge, but audio engineer and fellow music photog Mike Manewitz did a great job. Projectors are fun. There were plenty of hugs. Hadn’t seen Roger’s folks in a number of years. Several friends attended. I poached shots from the outside show, previews of our SxSW party over Hotel Vegas with Side One Track One, Think No Think and Emily Wolfe.

I’ll just say this, the new songs very fleshed out for first passes. There was a nervous energy. It helped fuel tension and I don’t think anyone could have recognized missteps. Catch him on tour. …and the coconut/ghost pepper hot sauce is amazing.

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