Show Pics: Being Dead Release Party

Being Dead was the belle of the ball last weekend at Chups with the release of their amazing EP. It is clever, fun, aggressive and unique and you should buy it. Along for the ride at the big party were Daphne Tunes, Blood, Chronophage and Batty.

I love shooting bands for the first time, and I had several first timers here. All the bands that played, other than Being Dead, had a lot going on, from synths to trumpets to lots of guitars to lots of vocals. Being Dead made up for their two-piece limit with chair swapping and great hat action. We had temporary interlopers from Stubb’s seeking shelter serenaded by Daphe Tunes with a cover of “Margaritaville”. We had drizzle but not rain. So much energy, special call out to Blood here. House party feels. Good night. I do apologize to Batty as I had to head home.

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