Show Pics: CHVRCHES @ ACL Live (4/29)

…with Cherry Glazerr.

So, I always love it when a more mainstream band, a band that started with blog buzz and blows up, goes out on the road and brings along another band in the middle of that arc. CHVRCHES‘ current run through the States has Cherry Glazerr opening. Development of the two bands, though, has been quite different. CHVRCHES started to to quick synthy blog buzz with a lead singer that was just figuring out how to be a front person. Cherry Glazerr started out with a front person figuring out how to have a band. Just as Lauren has become a comedienne and story teller, activist and focal point, Clementine has progressed from lo-fi fuzz into a guitar driven three-piece band leader that no longer just relies on energy and distortion, the songs progress and evolve settling into grooves, much tighter in delivery, but still paying homage to the soundcloud four track jams.

Click through for the lovely images, this was a fun shoot…

There is the thing I like to call long format punk rock were chords are linked and repeated and then repeated again, a little variation, sitting in grooves and building. Loud, fuzzy, fun, but not just ninety seconds and out. It gives time to noodle a bit on guitar, change up the interplay with the bass, add some flourishes. The recent tracks are bigger and filled the venue, but there was still no denying it was only three pieces on stage. It also has to be odd to play in front of gear set up for a band that sets up like CHVRCHES.

CHVRCHES was a little late but plowed head on into their set, later apologizing and sharing tour anecdotes about the late situation. The set jumped back and forth between old and new. This is such a great venue for a band like them, the fans close, the sound tight. In fact, it was impressively loud, yet the audience could still be heard over my shoulder while shooting. Nowhere to hide here. Lauren just lets loose and owns all of it. I will photograph this band any chance I get.

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