Show Review: An Horse @ Barracuda (5/5)

Sunday’s a hard sell to the Austin music-going community, but Barracuda hosted a powerhouse bill last night. Local act Lola Tried kicked things off, with Aussie duo An Horse closing things out, fresh off the release of their new album Modern Air. Brian showed up and got some great pics for us to share below!

Lola Tried kicked things off just after nine, and their set immediately blasted us off into euphoria. They’ve got their performance skills down as a whole, with the songs to back it up; it’s like their constantly refueling the audience (and perhaps themselves) with energy from their catalog. It’s rare to find a band match both performance and hooks, but this bunch pull it off with such effortless cool that I had to go and tell Lauren just how great they were at the show’s end.

An Horse returned to Austin after a seven (+) year hiatus, as they took a little break before releasing Modern Air. But, for my two cents, it seems to have only revitalized the duo. They kicked off the set with some of the hits off their new record, namely “Ship of Fools” and “Live Well.” The rest of their set had them bouncing around the years with fervor, getting almost all those in attendance (as I looked around) to sing along joyously (there’s a setlist photo below if you want to see it). They seemed enthused that the turnout was pretty positive, considering their long absence; they shared several anecdotes, giving them that personal appeal. Their set closed without an encore, but ended with “This is a Song,” closing out the night with an exclamation point that made me happy to be skipping Game of Thrones.

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