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Pretty sure this brand-spanking new album from Michigan’s Blue Jeans might just be the best pop record no one’s told you about just yet. That’s okay, though; I’m here to help you out with that by giving you a little chance to stream Adult Hits before it drops on Friday courtesy of Bobo Integral. It’s ten infectious numbers that could easily stand alone in your favorite playlist (with a huge helping hand from Fred Thomas in the studio and on the art), but work perfectly when tied in together. Here’s the stream, but hit the jump for my random track breakdown.

Goodbye Forever – Fuck, I want this song on every playlist I make for the rest of this year. It’s this weirdo pop, almost as if its out of whack, but those dang harmonies tie everything together. Tim and Heather come off here like a more rambunctious version of the Comet Gain…special love to the rhythm section. Turn this up to 12!

We Hate the Summer – I felt like this could have been written by any number of great bands from the Cali scene; it has this cool beach-y swagger and bounce; I think you get a nice little anthemic punch from the lyrical chorus.

Adult Hits – You can’t run up the jangling noise pop forever, so why not pull back the covers to reveal the saccharine side of things. Funky rhythm and the perfect bounce mixed in nicely with the sugary chorus will make you swoon. Nice little soft spot early on to keep you on your listening toes.

Baby, You Can’t Fake It – By this point, I’m really happy because I realize I can’t pigeonhole anyone (I know, I’ll try again soon). This tune seems super stripped down to maximize the emotive appeal; Heather’s voice sounds slightly softer, except when it’s built in for the vocals only closing moment. Now I want this song on every mix tape!

Ricola Horns – This was a weird one for me. I liked the way “bad days” gets presented in a different emphatic fashion each time it’s spoken, but the meandering of the tune perhaps perplexed me…it’s like a psychedelic blip on an otherwise stellar pop map.

Jenny, Am I Fading – Jump right back into the infectious pop hits. This one feels like a great nod to power-pop fans, but this is also where I really realized how playful the band is with their vocals. You can take Heather’s “choice” lines or just the general way they drag syllables out or the harmonizing in the backing vocals or any number of tricks that make your pop tongue start to drool.

Golden Goals – Like the title track, this one takes you for a turn you’re not expecting, but puts you right where you need to be. Heather takes the lead on this one, almost rocking a nostalgic R&B inflection on this one, particularly during the verses. The chorus has this smoky softness that perfectly sets up the fuzzy guitar riff that jumps right in.

Apology Rejected – This song builds in a natural tension that kept me on my toes the whole time. When I heard the chorus, I sort of expected it to break out into this huge pop eruption, something that would bring a huge grin to my face. I won’t tell you what happens, as you’ve got ears, but I will say this is one of my personal top 3 jams as I sit here writing this.

It’s All Happening – Nine songs in and I’m still shaken by how the seemingly simplest songs can have the strongest impact. There’s no need for overdone feedback or experimental noise; just give me a clean-cut pop song with nice melodies and just the slightest hint of DIY ethos and I’m hooked. This song sums that feeling up for me.

Friends & Lovers – I think this is the band’s bread and butter, stylistically speaking. The vocal interplay between Heather and Tim is priceless, and the rhythm section is so locked in that you can’t help but to feel the vibe as it bursts through your speakers. You wrap up just feeling good about yourself, and feeling good about the fact that records like this one still get played by someone in some far away land. Together we can all share in that joy with our own “Friends & Lovers.”

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