Checking in on Austin

There’s just always so much going on, I felt like I should throw in a small write-up of some things I’ve been jamming here recently. Word on the street is that the Daphne Tunes and Xetas LPs are done, Abram Shook has a new LP on the way..we here at ATH Records also have somethings in the works. And, other people just keep pumping out hits. So hit the jump to check in on Austin with me.

Gamma Dog – Wa: This is a catchy driving number; it sounds like the perfect number to play live too with some anthemic bits thrown in the middle…not to mention a rocking little fade out!

Holiday Music – Expire Medicine: Been jamming this tune a lot lately, with the band promising that there’s a full-length hanging out there on the horizon. It’s got a heavy electronic vibe, spun through a progressive pop lens. You can find a video of the tune HERE.

Christelle Bofale – Swim Team: This one should be on everyone’s radar with all the great press she’s gotten thanks to landing on Father Daughter Records, but just because there’s hype doesn’t mean its not deserved. What a powerful opening statement from an Artist I hope we hear more from.

Socha – Musings II: Madeleine Socha is in the midst of an ambitious single project where she’s sharing her various singles every month, and they’ve definitely caught my ear. I love the juxtaposition of the two tunes here; one has a more traditional arty indie rock vibe to it, while the other follows more modern pop tropes…all delicious.

Shivery Shakes – No Return: We’ll be releasing Weird Weather, the band’s sophomore LP come September. This being the first single, I think it sets the tone for what I think is an exceptional LP….seriously, it’s just so damn good!

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