Show Review: Appleseed Cast @Barracuda (6/27)

Myself and Mr. Gray pretended like we were young again on a cool Thursday night in Austin and made it out to Barracuda to see the famed Appleseed Cast. We talked some soccer, shared too many beers, and discussed the validity of The Cast music as a soundtrack to major life events. It was a great bill with many hits played. Hit the jump for more words, full setlist and some fancy ass photos from B. Gray.

Our apologies to Booher for missing his bands opening set as we were enjoying some Happy Meals down the street at Valhalla. We have seen the locals before and I can assure you they likely put on a stellar set.

We did make it in time for L.A. products Tennis System and were impressed with the energy and sounds of their set. Obviously Cris Crisci of Appleseed Cast picked a proper opener for his tour with a band who clearly draw some inspiration from our headliners. It was loud and amped up the crowd as any proper opener should do.

After frantically selling albums and t-shirts to the masses, The Appleseed Cast took the stage, blasting in to new material. The set was focused heavily on the new album The Fleeting Light of Impermanence with a total of 7 out of 9 tracks from the album played. All of the new songs were executed perfectly and sounded incredible fleshed out in the live setting. Founder and only original member Cris Crisci is obviously proud of his new work, as he should be, and wanted to highlight his evolving sound and talented new band members. Outside of new songs, it will always bring me joy to hear songs like “Kilgore Trout”, “Fight Song”, and “Blind Man’s Arrow” in a live setting. The band sprinkled in just enough old school tracks with the new material to keep everyone in the crowd happy while showcasing a new direction for the legendary band. Always doing things his own way and breaking the norms, Cris and The Cast closed down their encore with Low Level Owl fully instrumental track “Sunset Drama King”. Cris said “this might be a bit of a downer” before closing the night with the song, but for me it was a perfect bookend to a killer live show.

Two other notes I’d like to have in writing:

  1. “Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets” may be one of the best songs ever written.
  2. “Steps and Numbers” will be played at my funeral.

Setlist (90% sure I’m accurate):

  1. New song – either Last Words or Reaching the Forest
  2. Song 3
  3. New song – Chaotic Waves
  4. New song – Petition
  5. Kilgore Trout
  6. Steps and Numbers
  7. New song – either Last Words or Reaching the Forest
  8. Silas Knife
  9. Innocent Vigilant Ordinary
  10. New song – Asking the Fire
  11. Blind Man’s Arrow
  12. Cathedral Rings
  13. New song – Time the Destroyer
  14. New song – Journey
  15. Fight Song
  16. Forever Longing the Golden Sunsets
  17. Hanging Marionette
  18. Sunset Drama King

Photos of course come from the man, the myth, the legend B Gray.

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