Albums of the Year…So Far…according to Nathan

It’s super-hard to really nail down your favorite albums, especially when its only July and the whole thing seems pretty arbitrary, to put it lightly. But, like all your favorite sites, hits matter; they make you feel cool. So, I have concocted my own list of the Best Albums of 2019…so far. This in no way is a representation of the whole of the site contributors, and merely exists as poor commentary by a blogger with too much time on his hands. Enjoy!

15. Better Oblivion Community Centers/t – This proves to me that I’m still pretty much just a basic bitch of indie rock. Still, Phoebe and Conor, together? You can’t get much better

14. El Palacio de LinaresLargos Agotadores – You might not spend a ton of time with Spanish pop music, but if you’re willing to step outside your comfort zone for a brief moment, then this is a wonderful place to start. I will listen to “Ciervo y Erizo” every day for the rest of my life.

13. Rat FancyStay Cool – For a few years I’ve been raving about this group, patiently waiting for them to knock it out of the park. This record just reminded me what it was like to really just let go of all pretense and have fun with rock n’ roll all over again.

12.Monnone AloneSummer of the Mosquito – A member of the Lucksmiths goes out to write a collection of songs that rivals his back catalog? Yeah, I said it; Mark’s songwriting forever holds a spot in my heart…even more so with this album.

11. SeabliteGrass Stains and Novocaine – Rave reviews across the Internet confirm that this release is most excellent. It’s not shoegaze, it’s not dream pop, it’s not whatever…it is, however, a great collection of all things in modern pop music combined into one brilliant LP.

10. Jeaniness/t – From the label that’s brought you the last few Tony Molina release, this time they turn their attention to guitar pop/indiepop blister boppers who take aim at your good tastes and don’t let up until you’ve had your fill. Rinse and repeat.

9. The BVsCartography – It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for this album to finally drop…from EPs to singles, and finally it shows up and within about 30 seconds, a huge grin crossed my face; a general warmth took over and I couldn’t have been more right.

8. HalfsourSticky – What happens when a band works hard, sticks to their guns and offers up a dynamic rock record? This is what you get. Hooks, riffs, sing-a-long moments abound; you won’t waste a second with this LP.

7. Olden YolkLiving Theatre – I felt like this record had this exponential growth and maturity, which is surprising for such seasoned musicians. Still, Living Theatre illustrates, to me at least, that this duo is just getting started.

6. Stella DonnellyBeware of the Dogs – When we first heard the hype from Australia, we had to check it out; we did so at SXSW; we fell in love; we now have an LP; we now know the hype was real; we love Stella’s work. A pop record that makes you think.

5. Mammoth PenguinsThere’s No Fight We Can’t Both Win – After churning out a remarkable, albeit side-step, theme album, the band slim things down to a three piece and return with another record of infectious indiepop that will leave you tapping those toes and screaming a long.

4. Flying Fish CoveAt Moonset – After falling in love with their EP, it only makes sense that they up their game, deliver a knockout record…and then turn around to deliver another killer EP. Top of their game, this lot.

3. NeutralsKebab Disco – This is what Wire would sound like if they wanted to be a pop band. It’s a punk record, disguised as a pop album. This might be the most overlooked album this year…so don’t be that person.

2. Rosie TuckerNever Not Never Not Never Not – I mean this in the most flattering way…this is the record that I wish Jenny Lewis had made. It’s got pop sensibility, witty lyrics and a growing sense of joy with every listen.

1. MarthaLove Keeps Kicking – If anyone tells you this isn’t the best album of the year, they’re wrong. Every song is full of energy and anthemic hooks; you want something to sing to, then this is that very record.

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  • Really solid list, a lot of my favorites as well. Just wanted to also drop a line and say many thanks to you guys for putting me on to a bunch of good stuff.

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