ATX Spotlight: Town Lake

Town Lake is an Austin band who got together back in 2017 after all members spent some time in well known Austin bands like The Calm Blue Sea, Go Nova, and Summer Fires. After some time spent playing live shows and recording tunes, the band released their promising new EP Demonstrations last April. For a taste of what the band has to offer, take a second and check out the bands new single “Homesick” streaming below. The band, at its core, has a blues inspired, southern sound with a lead singer in Gus Ochoa who sometimes sounds like Brandon Flowers when he could still sing. Zing! In the end, the band make a great rock n roll sound which is a welcome addition to what tends to be a non rockin’ scene in Austin.

If you dig the new track, the band’s new EP Demonstrations is streaming on all platforms.


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