Show Pics: Shivery Shakes @ Antone’s (9/18)

ATH Records had yet another record hit the streets with Shivery ShakesWeird Weather. Naturally, we should have a party. I was bummed to have been travelling when everyone was celebrating label mates Mean Jolene, so it was the key objective for my week to be out and about on a school night to listen to the dudes play the new record front to back. Antone’s was a lovely host. Click through for pics a plenty that includes friends Slomo Drags and Go Fever who were kind enough to also share jams and sell us more merch.

Slomo Drags – Harmonized guitar solos, stage banter, at gmail dot com, rock and roll with some frivolous quirks, tuning mid-song, pending record with some magic left to pull it all together

Go Fever – Karate Gi, big-hair on guitars, bolted down rhythms, dance party to stadium rock with poppy quirk, new stuff and old stuff, bangers and ballads, party dude up front dancing hard, merch hierarchy (Shakes -> Fever -> Slomo?)

Shivery Shakes – Tour kickoff, sounding tight already, that twelve string, more harmonies, cool guy drummer vocals, encore jam, stickers and shirts

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