Little Musket Share Fever Blister Video

When Little Musket released their Fever Blister EP this past summer, it got some rave reviews, with some nods from folks like Post-Trash who appreciated the band’s melodic take on grungy rock n’ roll. The EP’s title track has this sort of haunting tension, the vocals sort of feel like this singing seance, entrancing you with this softness just beneath the guitar lines with the drums far off in the distance. This mood’s matched perfectly in the video adaptation, with doll parts and skulls used in a stop-animation film in the attic room that always scared you as a child. Don’t be scared, as the band are willing to let it all crash in the song’s end, emphatically closing the tune out with guitar squalls that fade to a close. The Fever Blister EP is available now courtesy of Dadstache Records.

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