Woolen Men Announce New LP

There were whispers a few months ago that Woolen Men would be returning with a new LP, and I’m so glad they’re back, and doing it in perfect fashion, if I say so myself. It’s really hard to pigeonhole the group as they’re one throwing so much in the mixture that it’s just an amalgam of glorious rock n’ roll references. You’ll hear a brightness in the crisp guitar notes at the beginning, while the vocals take on this almost Ian MacKaye yelp to them. But, the guitars get a little bit grittier, they start to fray at the edges, chords begin to sort of dance anxiously about..all the while the vocals steady the show. Eventually, everything descends into this chaos, riffing and shooting this way and that…then a quick chirp from those bright guitars brings us full circle. Their new effort Human to Human will be out on November 22nd, just before the cool kid list party starts, so save this bunch a spot.

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