Top 15 Songs of 2019 According to Chris from Young Scum

Everyone! Meet Chris from Young Scum.

2019 for me was one of those years where when its all said and done you wonder what did I really do or achieve this year? So much happened its hard to process it all at the end of December. Kind of like… making an end-of-year list and trying to remember everything you liked and listened to! It was an amazing year for music and my list was way bigger than this but I narrowed it down to my top 15 songs.

And if you didn’t already know how great they were, go check out the wonderful self-titled LP from Young Scum HERE.

Ex Void – Only One -Ex Void can do no wrong and they continue their streak of power pop hits with their latest release! Spotify

Young Guv – Patterns Prevail – Young Guv really pulled it off. His double LP was on constant repeat this year. Hit after hit. Ive been recommending it to anyone I know who even vaguely likes Teenage Fanclub. Spotify

Frankie Cosmos – Last Seasons Textures – After being hooked on the singles, I couldnt wait for Close It Quietly to drop. It did not disappoint! Spotify

The Springfields – Wonder – Slumberland had an amazing 2019 and this seminal indiepop reissue was the best way to cap off the year. Spotify

The Smarthearts – You Beat Me To It – Just some good ol power pop! This record is overflowing with hooks, its just so so good! Spotify

Deadbeat Beat – You Lift Me Up – Once the first chorus hits and those harmonies come in, theres no turning back. Deadbeat Beat are one to watch! Spotify

Jeanines – Too Late – So many hits on this album! All less than 2 minutes, whats not to love? Perfect jangly indiepop! Spotify

House Deposit – Sometimes, Somehow – Australian guitar pop never stops and House Deposit proves it. Jangly, upbeat a little melancholy, everything you want. Spotify

Outer Spaces – Telling You Things – Our bassist Ali’s band Big Baby played with Outer Spaces earlier this year, so I listened to their album a lot when it came out (right around that gig). It hits all the right notes for that feeling I look for right around the end of summer and early fall. Spotify

Dehd – Lucky – After listening to this song a few times, trust me, you’ll be yelling is this the end? Shalalala Dehd rule! Spotify

Corridor – Domino – I saw Corridor play at a house show in Richmond this year and it blew my mind. Tightly wound riffs that swirl around you and get stuck deep in your head for days on end. Their new record rips and its well worth checking out their older stuff too! Shout out to Manny at Citrus City for introducing me to them! Spotify

Big Bite – Archangel – Between Big Bite and The Berries (who also put out an amazing album this year) I don’t know how Matt Berry does it. Big Bite are a little heavier than most of my list but they still come at you with those pop hooks. Spotify

Hatchie – Obsessed – You cant listen to this without swaying and swooning. Hatchie takes all the best parts of The Sundays, Cocteau Twins, and Pale Saints and makes it sound fresh and modern. Spotify

Kiwi Jr. – Salary Man – Jangly, clever pop will always catch my ear and Kiwi Jr. definitely have that sound. Cant wait for the record! Spotify

Beabadoobee – She Plays Bass – Try to keep the chorus of this song out of your head! Cant wait to hear more from them this year. Spotify

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