Top 20 LPs of 2019…According to Lost Sound Tapes

There’s a handful of really really great tape labels out there, and one that is near and dear to our hearts is Lost Sound Tapes, run by Jon Manning. He’s done an incredible job of curating, and I almost always find myself in love with a handful of his releases each year, like Olivia’s World and Lisa Prank this year! So, I reached out and asked him to pop off with some of his favorite releases…and here we are. Enjoy!


Black Belt Eagle ScoutAt the Party With My Brown Friends (Saddle Creek Records)
Follow up to the break out album “Mother of My Children”. Gorgeous soundscapes and songwriting from Portland. Dreamy, queer, indigenous,folky, indie rock.

Chris-a-rifficTreats (Self Released)
Another local Vancouver, BCrelease. Chris isone of the most well liked guys about town. A mainstay in the Vancouver music scene. It’s solo electric piano indie rock but stating such does it absolutely no justice.

Chris CohenChris Cohen (Captured Tracks)
Third album by Chris Cohen, again on Captured Tracks. He is well known for being a guitarist in the band Deerhoof as well as a member of Cryptacize and The Curtains. Of the three albums, this is the most reserved. Careful, delicate, pop sensibilities.

Francisca Griffin The Spaces Between (CocoMuse Releases)
From legendary, New Zealand, 1980s, Flying Nun band Look Blue Go Purple. Her second solo album and first one since 1998.

JeaninesJeanines (Slumberland Records)
A classic indie pop album release that fits perfectly on Slumberland Records. Reminds me of The Aislers Set, Tiger Trap, and The Shop Assistants.16 songs in 25 minutes.

J McFarlane’s Reality GuestTa Da (Hobbies Galore)
Hobbies Galore in Australia put this one out. They started as a tape label and the fact this was an LP piqued my interest. Hypnotic, pop minimalism.

Joey NebulousGive Yourself a Kiss From Me (Sleeper Records)
Good things happen when you follow accounts on Bandcamp.I got a notification for following Sleeper Records and this became one of my favorite happenstance discoveries of the year. Pop songs about being gay and desperately wanting to be in love.

Lisa PrankPerfect Love Song (Lost Sound Tapes)
As a rule, I don’t put any Lost Sound Tapes releases on my year end lists. I love them all, of course I do, but this album is SPECIAL. This album is a physical manifestation of Lisa Prank’s (aka Robin Edwards) growth as a songwriter and Rose Melberg & Robin’s friendship. Rose produced the album as well as co-wrote the song “Telescope”, sang back up vocals, and added other musical touches as well. “Perfect Love Song” is a very emotionally raw, tender and complex pop punk album that I hope inspires future bands and albums for decades to come.

Little WingsPeople (Self Released)
Kyle Field has been at it a long time and this is for sure one of his best. A home town hero, legend.

Mountain GoatsIn League With Dragons (Merge Records)
A new Mountain Goats album, this time fantasy themed about people with super natural abilities and their stories.

NeutralsKebab Disco (Emotional Response Records)
Emotional Response has a catalog full of hits and this was my fave of their releases this year. Shout out to Seablite as well.

Nice AppleThis Time Nice Apple is Auto-Cathecting (Hidden Bay Records)
Vancouver, BCband released by a French tape label. This is the album on the list that would be most at home on Lost Sound Tapes.

Purple MountainsPurple Mountains (Drag City)
RIP David Berman. Silver Jews/Purple Mountains are a huge inspiration. Life is difficult and he did an incredible job of putting a poetic spin on the human condition from the banal to the beautiful.

RocketshipThanks to You (Darla Records)
This albumtakes theirelectronic experimentation of the last 20 years and circles it back to their classic pop sound of their album “A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness”. Now in perfect harmony.

SasamiSasami (Domino Records)
One of my most listened to albums. Thoughtfulsongwriting with beautiful arrangements and the voice of an angel.

Shotgun JimmieTransistor Sister 2 (You’ve Changed Records)
The follow up to the 2011 album “Transistor Sister”. Though he released two other albums in between. Jimmie is one of the most charming performers in all of Canada.

So CowDo Re Mi Fa So Cow (Self Released)
From out of nowhere a wild So Cow appears! 14 new power pop hits from the pride of Ireland. We released his previous album “Lisa Marie Airplane Tour”on tape.

The StroppiesWhoosh (Tough Love Records)
A January release that was very memorable. Unique Aussie pop band. Originally heard about them through Dick Diver and Twerps connections but they stand on their own.

Tony MolinaKill the Lights (Slumberland Records)
Mellow shredding on Slumberland Records. Tony’s songwriting gets better and better. Fact of the day:Rose Melberg and Tony Molina have the same eyeglasses prescription.

Your Heart BreaksDrone Butch Blues (Sofa Burn Records)
This one came out on Sofa Burn Records, so yay for Your Heart Breaks onvinyl! A queer, acoustic, drone, folk album. Amazing.Clyde is one of my favorite artists (music, art, film)of all time and it’s honor to be a friend.

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