Stream Strawberry Generation’s Afloat LP

Last week you were worried about the pressures of Valentines Day (either ignoring it or giving in to its commercial necessity), so you might have missed the release of Strawberry Generation‘s new LP, Afloat. It’s an indiepop record that sort of dances all across the genre, in the best way possible. Starting with “Afloat,” you get this big ringing guitar pop swoon with crashing drums and softened melodies, turned right into the following Alvvays-esque track “Lying to Lauren.” I loved the Orange Juice guitar reference on “Breakthrough Feeling,” but still get the chills on the dreamier “Tango” popping up later in the album…this is the must listen tune, for me. The entire LP benefits from the trading of songwriting duties between Luk and Valerie, giving each song its own unique sound, though still working together as a cohesive unit. It’s filled with variance, which is welcome, considering the indiepop sound is so specific that it can sometimes get burdensome with 10 like-minded songs…NOT THE CASE HERE. Afloat is available via Sunday Records.

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