Jarrow Shares Sauce Song and Flowerbed

I’m always trying to figure out what’s going on in the Melbourne scene, and luckily I got an email that turned me onto Jarrow, which is the solo work of Dan Oke. He’s got a self-titled album slated for May release via Spoilsport Records, so why not toss out two tracks from said release. On “Sauce Song” we find Dan fairly synth driven, which isn’t always my cup of tea, but there’s something familiar in the chorus; it definitely sounds like everything that swirls around the pop indie scene. I liked the experimental flare that drew the song to a close. “Flowerbed” seems to burst brightly from the get-go; I like the way the vocals sort of jump high up, only to casually come down to Earth. Oke has these little vocal inflections here too that pack the punch, raising the tune above mere mimicry in the scene.

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