Zachary Vito Shares New Tune

It’s been a minute or two since we last heard from Zachary Vito. Last year, in fact. But, he has found himself stranded in California amidst the current crisis, and what’s an artist to but write a great song. He’s holed up with his new roommate Casey Golden, so they’ve pieced together some footage and offer you this really delicate pop ballad. I love how the guitar sounds solemn and sunny all at once, but mostly I’m in love with Vito’s vocal performance on this one. There’s this warmth and intimacy, it reminds me of singing to my daughter late at night, quietly letting listeners drift into their own headspace. Vito’s calling this a demo, as he hopes to go back and re-recod the tune when times are better for us all…but if you ask me, not much needs to be done here.

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